Poland debuted in first edtion and won contest two times in row whit Margaret´s two songs "Heartbeat" and then "Thank you very much" and in third edition top 10 finish whit "Error" by Natalie Nikyell

  1. Participate:4 (4 Final)
  2. Best results:1nd:#02,#01
  3. Worst results:8th:#03


Table key

Template:Colorbox Winner
Template:Colorbox Second place
Template:Colorbox Third place
Template:Colorbox Automatically qualified to the final
Template:Colorbox Did not qualify for the final
Template:Colorbox Last place
Template:Colorbox Did not compete
Ed Artist Song Final Points Semi Points
#01 Margaret  "Heartbeat" 1 105 1 90
#02 Margaret "Thank you very much" 1 155
Host Country


Natalie Nikyel "Error" 8 45
Host Country
#04 Margaret "Elephant" TBA TBA
:Big 7 member

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